Caring for your ATC

When you purchase a new camper, we go over the care and use of the camper with you.

If you purchased a used one, these tips were probably not passed on to you.

  • The pop-up section of the camper is the one part that takes some care. If you do the following, it will last as long as the camper does. When you have the camper stored, pop it up at least once a month and let it air out. Every six months, wash the outside with simple soap and water and then treat it with 303 Aerospace Protectant. 303 also makes a great cleaner. DO NOT USE Armor All on anything. This will destroy the liner over time. Follow these steps and your liner will stay in great shape over the years for you.
  • When you bring the roof down, always push in the corners of the liner from the side of the camper. It may look like the corners are in, but if you don’t get into the habit of pushing them in, they tend to fold in a way that lets them rub on the edge just a little, which will create small holes in the liner. If this happens, or has already happened, give us a call. We can send you patch material to fix the problem before it becomes a replacement issue.
  • When you close the clamps that hold the roof down, you should start to feel the tension of the clamp at the half way point of closing. With all the clamps closed and in place, you should be able to pull on the roof at each clamp and have a slight movement of about an 1/8″ or so. If you over tighten the clamps you can actually bend the roof.
  • When you put the turnbuckles on that hold the camper on your truck, hand tighten them and then put a stubby screw driver in them and turn them an additional half to full turn and stop. DO NOT over tighten the turnbuckles. This should hold them in place just fine. Check them in about 300 or 400 miles and see if they have loosened up at all. As the camper settles into place the turnbuckles will stay tight.
  • If you have purchased a used All Terrain Camper, give us a call and we will be happy to go over the tips for the using and keeping your camper in shape.