Happy Campers!

After finishing my

After finishing my "Whirl Wind" 1300 plus mile first trip with the Cougar, I have one word to sum up my experience... WOW !!! I have to say that all my expectations have been met and then some. From the high country of the Sierras to the wind blown beaches of the Central Coast, (two days of 25 knots with gusts to 35) the Cougar performed flawlessly. The only thing I wish I had installed was the H2O pump. Other than that, I couldn't be happier.

Pat & Carolin sent us the following excerpt

Pat & Carolin sent us the following excerpt after their trip: We went over some very rough roads and several extremely steep hills, one was so steep that we feared the aluminum turnbuckles might snap. However, the camper stayed in place for the entire trip and did not even require the slightest adjustment! The truck has a rocking problem which can be stopped with either SuperSprings and/or a sway bar and the length of the vehicle makes inside corners with a tilt a bit tricky, but basically we can now go wherever we want to. I had thought to build a camperette originally but now glad we bought this camper instead.

The All Terrain Bobcat is an aluminum framed

The All Terrain Bobcat is an aluminum framed, pop-up camper that performs very well on the smaller pick-ups like the Toyota Tacoma. The ATC Bobcat is a simple design. The camper extends to the back of the standard bed, and a bit over the sides. The cabover is fairly long, and that is basically the bed (the one you sleep on). Since the bed is on a slide, and you sleep lengthwise, you get a very large bed, essentially a queen size. This is pretty nice, when you think about how little space it takes in motion, and how little space there actually is, looking from the outside in travel mode...

Just back from Baja

Just back from Baja, and I have to tell you, the camper is even more than I expected. Everything worked great, and everyone was very impressed with the fit, finish, and design of the rig.

One quick story... a guy came running into camp one afternoon saying his car was stuck in a wash about two miles away. Because almost everyone else had bigger rigs than ours (one full-size with trailer, two hard-sided campers), we stowed everything and hauled off. Turns out, it was a 4x4 Jeep Grand Cherokee up to its axles in sand. He was a little embarrassed to be pulled out by a camper.

Anyway, thanks for making such a great product.

To the team at All Terrain

To the team at All Terrain -- First of all, thank you very much for all of the personal service. I can't remember the last time that I was treated as honestly and fairly as when I purchased my camper from you. You answered all of my questions and truly worked with me on the options that I needed, not just the ones that were for sale. That kind of integrity is difficult to find. It's also great to work with a bunch of guys who actually use the camper and know what it takes to make a successful camping experience.

Now the camper... WOW! Every time I look in it I am more amazed at the quality of workmanship. I learned how to be picky from my father, who was a mechanic and a professional drag racer, and my uncle, who was a master welder and inventor for the Aerospace Industry. I know both of them would be giving me high fives if they were alive to see this camper. My buddies who are involved in high-end R & D and who build intricate systems themselves were stunned when they saw the camper. They have NEVER seen a camper built like this. Thanks, you know how to do it right, from customer service to the final build. I would happily show my camper to anyone who is interested.