Pricing and Options

All Terrain Campers Price List

Camper Model Price
Panther: Full Size - Short Bed 6.5' $15,700.00
Cougar: Full Size - Long Bed 8' $16,000.00
Bobcat: Mid / Mini Size - Short Bed 6.5' $15,700.00
Lynx: Mid / Mini Size - Long Bed 8' $16,000.00
Ocelot: Short Bed 6.5' $15,700.00
Puma: Long Bed 8' $16,000.00
Standard Shell: Any Size $9,925.00
Custom Flatbed Shell $14,495.00
Camper Options Price
3 Way / Dometic 1.9 Cubic Feet $795.00
2 Way / Dometic CR 50 comp refer 1.7 Cubic Ft $990.00
Power Roof Vent / Fantastic Fan 3 Speed / Reversible $275.00
Automatic Furnace – 12,000 BTU $795.00
Small Rear Wall Window $175.00
Luggage and Boat Rack $295.00
Additional Roof vent $125.00
Mechanical Jacks - Set of 4 $650.00
AT Can Holder $250.00
Roto/Pack - Mount and Can $250.00
Awning - 8 Foot Side $875.00
Awning Light – Passenger Side Only $45.00
2" Taller Panels $250.00
Porta Pottie $225.00
Cold Weather Pack – Extra Liner Insulation $495.00
2nd - 12 Volt Accessory Plug w/USB $45.00
Rear Wall Steps $225.00
Portable Steps $30.00
LED Flood Lights $295.00
Slide Out Bed / Cougar, Panther, and Ocelot Models- 28" $375.00
110 Volt System w/Controller $550.00
Solar Panel – 100 Watt w/Controller $525.00
Solar Panel – 150 Watt w/Controller $625.00
Second 12volt battery $275.00
Side Dinette w/Table $250.00
Yakama Tracks: 72″ $265.00
Yakama Tracks: Full length $340.00

Options for Cougar and Puma Models

Accessory Cabinet with 12 Volt Outlet $345.00
Small Window – Driver’s Side $175.00

Above options are available for after market installation – ask for prices. The options below are available for the inside of a shell model. All outside options above are also available for a shell model camper.

The Cold Weather Pack Option

The Cold Weather Pack is an extra layer of insulation that attaches on the inside of the camper, creating a one-inch dead air space all the way around the camper. With it, the heater only has to work about half as much in colder temperatures and it also helps keep the camper a little cooler in warm weather.Read a review of the Cold Weather Pack here.

Shell Inside Options

Automatic Forced Air Furnace with Cabinet and Propane Tank $1,495.00
Automatic Forced Air Furnace w/Stove Top with Cabinet and Propane Tank $1,795.00
Couch or Dinette on Passenger Side $875.00
L-Shaped Couch / Cougar/Puma Shell Model only $975.00
Window on Driver's Side / Large Window $575.00
Table $195.00
12 Volt Outlet w/USB $55.00
Extended Bed Slide Out - 28" $375.00
Side Dinette w/Table $650.00
Auxillary Battery System $375.00

The ease of our pop-top…

Pop top camper

Unlatch the six outside roof latches and the one release bolt inside.

Pop top camper

From the inside, push the top up with the lift bar.

Pop top camper

Finally, push the front up and lock in place. That’s it!


Please add an installation charge to the price of your camper. Due to insurance liability issues and your safety, we will do the installation of your camper for you. This includes all hardware required and wiring. Plan on about 3 hours for your installation and walk-through of your camper. Installation / Includes all Tie Downs and Wiring for truck $395.00 Delivery fee is $1.50/Mile - One Way.

Furguson flat bed